Community Medicine


Community Medicine is the branch of medicine which strives to protect and promote the health and well-being of the community through the Primary Health Care approach. It provides comprehensive health services ranging from preventive, promotive, curative to rehabilitative services.


The Community Medicine Department is committed to educating medical students to be community responsive primary care physicians who meet the health care needs of the community and the country, including rural and medically underserved communities.


The goal of undergraduate teaching / training in Community Medicine is directed towards achievement of “Better Health for All”. Aim of undergraduate training is to prepare the students to become Primary Care Physicians competent to handle commonly occurring health problems in the community.


• To know the physical, social, psychological, economic and environmental aspect of health and disease.

• Application of the clinical skills to recognize and manage common health problems at the individual, family and community level.

• To define and manage the health problems of the community.

• To work as an effective member of the health team.

• To plan and implement health education programmes.

• To perform administrative functions of health centres.

• To promote community participation in disease control, health education and implementation of national programmes.

• To know the national priorities and the goals to implement primary health care.


Community Medicine

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Community Medicine

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