Dean's Message

Dr.R. M. RajaMuthiah.,M.S.,


Dear Friends,

The world has changed a lot in the past two decades, and the role of medical service in these changes is striking. Velammal Medical College Hospital and Research Institute is a singular quintessential example of how the actions of a single individual can affect the course of history.

Our commitment to our core values has shaped our response to the many sobering challenges within the communities we serve.The wisdom, creativity, commitment and an honest, thorough and respectful handling of patients have left their mark on the minds of the surrounding communities and has been the pillar of our success since its inception in 2012.

Velammal’s medical technological prowess is the most outstanding in these regions of the country. Its philanthropic services reach out to poor with advanced medical care at affordable cost and many free services. In recent times the Super specialty medical services have performed heroic deeds and have brought hope and new life to very challenging medical scenarios.

Our Medical students are trained in the art of imparting holistic medical care keeping pace with technological advances. Passion for the unknown, compassion for humanity and Ambition to excel are the core qualities they are expected to acquire.

I congratulate those serving at Velammal hospital. Your career will take you in directions that you do not, and cannot, anticipate. This is exciting and satisfying. Indeed, it’s an opportunity to make a difference on issues that matter to you. Here you will find the opportunity to learn from and serve with people from diverse academic backgrounds inherently rich with a base of perspectives and experiences to bear on any problem.

This Journey started with single step and has crossed many miles in a short span of time an achievement very rare indeed.