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Craniofacial Surgery & Dentistry

About Craniofacial Surgery & Dentistry

 The changing scenario in the field of dentistry has brought in a paradigm shift in the mind-sets of the clinicians and the general public. History of dentistry dates back to as early as 3600 BC, were Egyptian manuscripts have recorded details of tooth aches and sore gums. Cave paintings and illustrations depict that, attempts at dentistry were present even during the prehistoric era. From barbers to blacksmiths, to churgeons and dentist, the journey has been long and eventful. From the prehistoric times to the mediaeval and modernization, the sojourn has been a joy to sing.

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  • Professor:

  • Dr. R. Yoganandha,MDS(OMFS) MOMSRCPS (Glasgow, UK)

  • Associate Professor:

  • Dr. M. Chenthil Aruun Mohan.,


  • Assistant Professor:

  • Dr. A. Shrimanikandan.,MDS

  • Tutuor:

  • Dr. R. Mohan Prakash,BDS

    Dr. M.S.Shanofer,BDS

    Facilities & Services

    • Conservative Dentistry & Endodontia – That branch of dentistry that deals with restorations, root canal treatment etc.,

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