VMCH&RI | Pharmoclogy

Department of Pharmocology


• To be the leading department in research and training of UG and PG medical students in the fields of pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics.

• To be a centre of excellence in training and research.


• To prepare exceptional students for productive and successful careers as clinicians, in society, in academia, in research and in pharmaceutical industry.

• To provide quality education in pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics that effectively integrates critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills.

• To inculcate in medical students the habit of practicing rational use of drugs and the culture of observing and reporting adverse drug reactions.

Plans for the Future

• To establish Clinical Pharmacology Unit in the institution .

• To become pioneers in research in areas such as:

    * Pharmacogenomics.

    * Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

    * Molecular pharmacology.


The Department of Pharmacology enriches the students with the knowledge of drugs and their usage.
Pharmacology is one of the basic subjects in the medical curriculum. It deals with various aspects of drugs: their sources, dosage forms, effects, adverse effects, indications and contraindications. It also deals with animal experiments, development of new drugs and ethical conduct of clinical trials.



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