Facilities & Services



             We are currently having video endoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy and laparoscopy services. The list is expanding Each postoperative bed is equipped with ICU back up with central O2 supply, suction machine, and continuous mode of pulse oxymeter and infusion pumps. A fully equipped trauma centre is in the process. Integrated trauma team approach involves Department of surgery in the forefront.


    OP Services :

             Morning OPD starts from 8.00am to 3 pm currently we are attending 150 OP cases per day.We have separate dressing rooms and examination rooms. Other op services involve wound suturing, suture removals and septic operation procedures like
  • I & D.


    OT Services :

             In our Department we have elective, emergency and septic operation theatres. Our operation theatres are designed with modular technologies. They incorporate lamellar filters reinforced with 8 layers. Our advanced theatrical infrastructures include centralized A/C, Electro mechanical operation tables, C – Arm, Bipolar diathermy and inbuilt Laparoscopy units with Harmonic scalpel support. On par with international standards, our operating room High Definition telemedicine cameras are connected with video broadcasting network all over the hospital and also over online for demonstration, teaching and consultation purposes.

Future visions:

Long-term goal


  1.           1)Trauma center

  2.           2)Video library

  3.           3)Tele medicine


We currently use the following equipments

1) Video endoscopy
2) Sigmoidoscopy
3) Colonoscopy
4) Laparoscopy
5) Bipolar and unipolar diathermy
6) Electro mechanical operation table
7) C ARM