"Living lives with siren and lights blaring"

Our fleet of ambulances operate 24X7 by providing pre-hospital clinical care from site referral point by stabilizing, treating and transferring patients to Velammal Hospital. It is manned with trained emergency technicians and nurses with advanced life-saving equipment like a defibrillator, ventilator, oxygen cylinder, and other medicaments. The records are thoroughly maintained after observations by our vigilant nurses throughout the journey and submitted to the respective department to ensure that timely treatment is given. They are provided with high-quality communication systems enabling them to contact base units and other places effectively to make a prompt decision. Velammal has 3 ambulances in that two of them having ICU Facilities & One Antenatal ( Paediatrics ) ambulance & One Camp Bus and One Mobile Blood Bank Bus.



Neonatal Ambulances are fully equipped with a complete range of Neonatal equipment like Radiant Warmers, Resuscitation systems, Neonatal Ventilators, and other phototherapy devices. The Auto-loading stretcher is of a special kind, which can transport neonates with Transport Incubators. Neonatal Ambulance is specifically designed so as to have minimal sound and vibrations to extend extra care to the neonates.

Mobile ICU

Velammal Hospitals mobile intensive care ambulances are well-equipped ambulances staffed by highly trained paramedics dispatched to emergency situations where patients require a higher level of care than a regular ambulance can provide. It is fully equipped with Defibrillator, Ventilator, Pulse taximeter, Cardiac monitor, Publisher and so on. It is manned with relevant medical experts to take care of the situation.


Velammal Hospital has an antenatal ambulance that is well suited for pregnant ladies. It is so designed that it can support deliveries during transport. It is manned with compassionate nurses and obstetricians. It is a sophisticated vehicle that can support safe travel and complete care for to-be mothers.