The Cardiology department at VMCH & RI is a comprehensive heart care center. People these days are exposed to a broad variety of cardiac anomalies owing to a change in lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. It is challenging to diagnose the exact conditions and deliver pertinent solutions in these situations. The finest team of cardiac surgeons in VMCH & RI has decades of experience in diagnosing complex heart problems precisely. They have an edge over providing superior clinical outcomes for the reason that they have extensive practice experiences globally.

Their deep insights and precision of work in conjunction with modern heart care facilities in VMCH & RI bring about optimum results. VMCH & RI have a superior performance record in the cardiology discipline serving numerous people to gift them the right to own a healthy heart. It is fully competent to handle both chronic (Coronary Artery Diseases, Abnormal heartbeat, Heart Failure, and Cardiomyopathy) and acute (Heart attack) cardiac conditions. Our doctors are qualified in the latest diagnostic and therapeutic Cardiac interventions to give the best quality of life to patients.

Dr. Shunmugasundaram

Dr P Shunmuga Sundaram MD (General Medicine)., DM., (Cardio) , PDF(EP), CEPS(IBHRE USA).,

Senior Consultant
Dr. Vadivel

Dr. Vadivel MD (General Medicine)., DM., (Cardio) ,

Senior Consultant
Dr. Selvaganesh

Dr.M.Selva Ganesh MD (General Medicine)., DM., (Cardio) ,

Senior Consultant
Dr. S.Maheshkumar

Dr S Maheshkumar MD (Paediatrics)., DM., (Cardio)., PDF.,

Senior Consultant