Department of ENT, Head & Neck surgery at Velammal hospital is a well-equipped center with facility to treat all kinds of problems related to the speciality. the department is headed by Prof.P.Rajasekaran MS.,DLO who has vast experience in field of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck surgery for more than 35 years. Department has 5 full time faculties who provide various services related to ENT like routine outpatient services, inpatient care, ENT and H&N surgeries, imparting training for under graduate and post graduate medical students.

Out patient service includes:

  • Routine OP consultation,
  • Endoscopy services (DNE, VLS, FOL)
  • Hearing tests (PTA, Impedance, OAE, BERA)
  • Minor ENT surgery (ear lobe repair, minor biopsy, trachesotomy care)
  • Speech and swallow therapy
  • Vertigo evaluation and treatment.
  • Snoring evaluation and treatment
  • Hearing evaluation and rehabilitation

Inpatient services:

Excellent inpatient care is given by our faculty along with the help of our residents and para medical staff in well aerated ward/rooms in patient friendly manner following all patient safety goals. Inpatient services include pre and post-operative care, ICU care for critically ill patients, medical care for various ENT disorders, polysomnography for snoring and sleep disorders, Care for Head & Neck wounds and abscess etc.


Departmental faculty performs surgery for various common ENT problems like adeno-tonsillar hypertrophy, ear discharge due to CSOM, nasal surgery for septal deviation, FESS for nasal polyp/ sinusitis, microlaryngeal surgery for voice problems, stapes surgery for hearing loss, mastoid surgery for CSOM etc.

In addition ENT departmental faculty routinely performs all types of complicated Head & Neck surgeries like Endoscopic excision of skull base lesions, endoscopic transphenoidal hypophysectomy, CSF leak repair, excision of Head & Neck malignancies, facial nerve decompression for post traumatic facial palsy, optic nerve decompression for optic atrophy secondary to sino nasal pathology, excision of major Head & Neck tumors etc. With proper treatment planning and team work we were able to achieve improved success rate in all these complex surgeries. Our multi-disciplinary team includes five skilled ENT surgeons with vast surgical experience, Neuro surgeons, Anesthesia and Intensive care team, Surgico-pathology department, Radiologist, Medical and radiation oncologist etc.

Operation theatre and Intensive care services:

All our ENT, Head & Neck surgery are performed in the state of the art modular operation theatre. ENT operation theatre has advanced facilities like

  • LEICA operating microscope
  • Storz endoscopy system
  • Medronic microdebrider
  • Micro surgical drill system.
  • Coblation system

Our team of anesthetist and Intensivist provide round the clock services for patients requiring intensive care in the peri-operative period. They are supported by nursing and para medical staff who provide excellent nursing care( one nurse per patient)


Dr. Rajavel

Dr.M.S.P.S.Rajavel MS.,DLO

Senior Consultant