Hair is the most needed one for having a good out look. The joy of thick and healthy hair is reflected in boosted confidence. It is challenging to maintain healthy hair with the difficulties posed by the modern environment. The hair care department in Velammal Hospital thrives to provide complete hair care services by helping people with hair and scalp problems. It has a well-established team and infrastructure to offer ideal solutions for a wide range of hair and scalp related problems. A dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals works together to give quality all-round hair care. A detailed analysis of hair is done and a tailored treatment plan is devised as per patients’ needs. A combination of procedures is carried out by our team of trichologists to guarantee healthy hair growth at affordable fee.

The scientifically formulated and medically proven treatment courses for hair loss and scalp conditions does wonders and so is our success record. It provides hair and scalp treatments to combat hair loss, thinning hair and related problems, such as dandruff, scalp scaling conditions, scalp itching, seborrhoeic eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, folliculitis, pigmentation of the skin and so on.

Micro Needling Therapy

Specialized instruments with coated needles are rolled over scalp with or without serums to boost circulation and stimulate hair growth

Hair Transplantation

By follicular unit extraction method (FUE) where healthy follicles from back of scalp are transplanted in balding area. Day care procedure. Multiple sessions as per need. Done under local Anaesthesia & aspectic precautions ,no scar.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

A revolutionary treatment using growth factors and plasma extracted from patient’s own blood using special kits are injected into scalp for strengthening hair roots. It is Safe and there is No side effect.

Laser Hair Removal

For removal of unwanted hair growth in face, chin, body using the latest triple wavelength LASER (Diode, Alexandrite, NdYAG)