Velammal Hospital - Psychiatry

Psychiatry is a Medical Speciality dealing with prevention, diagnosis & treatment of adult diseases. The Department exhibits special skill in the management of undifferentiated & multi system diseases and it also plays a major role in teaching & research.

The need for finesse and refinement has cast its spell on every aspect of dentistry. The advent from early dental drills to ultrasonic/ fibroptic high speed devices, knifes to LASERS, hanging motors to physio-dispensers, ether chamber to TENS (Trans-Electronic Nerve Stimulation) and EDA (Electronic Dental Anaesthesia), wood picks to piezo-scalers & piezotomes, reverse headgears to lingual orthodontics, dentures to implants, ablative surgeries coupled with tissue loss to distraction osteogenesis, there is not one facet of dentistry that has not witnessed an advancement in technique and technology.

Dr. V. Ramanujam,MD

HOD, Psychiatry

Facilities & Services

"NAMBIKKAI" We started this "Nambikkai"- De-addiction Centre to care the persons who addicted to drugs, and help them to come out of this and start their new life.

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Our department have a very good expert team of doctors.