Organ Transplantation


Liver Transplant

Liver is one of the most adaptable organs in our body and any malfunction or disorder can result in various body functions being affected. Being a very tough organ, the Liver can continue to function despite certain ailments. However, at a stage when medical intervention is not helpful and the liver can no longer continue to support the normal functioning of the body, a liver transplant becomes the only option.

Velammal Medical College Hospital Madurai is one of the best liver transplant hospitals in TamilNadu with the best liver transplant surgeons for excellent liver transplant care. Being the pioneer of the liver transplant program in the country, the hospital offers the best service  at an affordable liver transplant cost in Madurai.


Liver transplant programme at Velammal Medical College Hospital started in February 2017 with a live-related transplant.

We were awarded by the Tamilnadu government for the largest number of cadaveric transplants in 2018, in the private hospital category. Our hospital is authorized to do transplants under various government insurance schemes including the CMCHIS.


Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant programme at Velammal Medical College Hospital started in January 2017 with a live-related transplant. Since then the transplant programme has steadily grown number wise. We now routinely do cadaveric and live-related kidney transplantation. Our patients are from other states of India and also from abroad.


The programme is overseen by internationally trained nephrologist and our outcomes are on par with international standards.